Workshop on Second Chance Education (SCE) Program organized by UN WOMEN in partnership with MINPROFF for the Empowerment of vulnerable young women and women on the the 22-23/07/2021.

Background and intro.
1) SCE was launch since October 2018 in the far North
2) Target beneficiaries, IDP’S, refugees, women young women host communities from 15-25 years.
3) the project has impacted about 12000 men and women providing 2500 women and girls with professional trainings and start-up kits thereby enabling them to become autonomous.
4) SCE will be extended to NW and SW.

1) Identify, analyze and recommend Economic sectors where gainful employment opportunities exist for the identified women
2) identify barriers which prevent women and young women from accessing Economic and educational opportunities
3) map and engage with communities, young women and women to identify harmful norms, challenges and stigma.

women and young women from 15-25years

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