5 days training of 45 Eyumojock community Health Workers

Bravo for a successful 5 days training of 45 Eyumojock community Health Workers(CHW) on the following:- Their role with the MFM3 PROJECT by Global fund,- How to use their various reporting tools( report forms and accessment tools)- How to conduct the rapid malaria test for suspected malaria cases using the RDT kids,- How to conduct community diagnosis to ascertain the main problem of the community and advocating for solutions jointly with the total involvement of the community stakeholders (very inclusive in the process)- they were further trained on other topics like WASH, and TB identification and referrals- How to cooperate with the mother mentors and CoCs( chief of centers ) and CBH of the various health districts, and how to administer drugs for malaria both for Children and to refer severe cases to nearby Hospitals,- How to identify neonatal and children births in the communities and encourage ANC and ensure children are vaccinated as required and those not vaccinated are reported for possible solutions- They also got drilled on how to build community via home visits, teach communities on the importance of balance diets and fight against malaria nutrition.The CHWs of the Eyumojock Health District are now very equipped to serve the Eyumojock Community. BRAVOO. Thanks to#globalfund support.#MINSANTE#Delhealth#Reachout.

GIZ’S Project with GOPA/HEALTH FOCUS in partnership with CHAMEG

GIZ’S Project with GOPA/HEALTH FOCUS in partnership with CHAMEG will be carrying out a six months project on psychosocial support to internally displaced persons in the South West region of Cameroon. In line with the above activity, the communities of Mile 16, Molyko, Tole in the Buea municipality; and Likomba in the Tiko municipality have been selected to benefit from the project. The objectives of the project are focused on; Providing psychosocial support to IDPs in the communities selected; To train community leaders and agents to provide psychosocial support; and To sensitize the population on the importance of psychosocial support. The community leaders and agents have been successfully trained for three days each and availed with the necessary tools to carry out their tasks in their respective communities.# GOPA/HEALTHFOCUS,#GIZ#UNWOMEN#UNDPCAMEROON#SWREGIONALCOUNCIL#CHAMEG

Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world

CHAMEG joins other NGOs, CSOs, fellow peace advocates and the world at large to celebrate the International Day of Peace 2021 under the theme ”Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world“ By so doing, we carried out a Peace sensitization campaign at the Parents Mountain School(PMS) Buea whereby a lecture about Peace was given, a Peace song taught and sang along with the kids as well as stickers bearing Peace messages distributed!#International Day of Peace#Chameg Stands For Peace#Chameg Cameroon

Visit to the CHAMEG cocoyam and plantains plantation in Tiko by the Program Director, Administrative Assistant and Monitoring & Evaluation Officer , September 7th 2021.

Visit to the CHAMEG cocoyam and plantains plantation in Tiko by the Program Director, Administrative Assistant and Monitoring & Evaluation Officer today, September 7th 2021.
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CHAMEG Strategic meeting on the project for the Support of 20 starts-up for youths in Mamfe, Wabane, kumba and Bangem

The South West Civil Society Organizations Network(SWECSON) in collaboration with the European Union (E.U) acknowledged CHAMEG’s works in the communities and donated some items in order to support the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier today, the CHAMEG staff held a strategic meeting in preparation for a project geared towards the supporting of start-ups for 20 youths in Mamfe, Wabane, Kumba 1 and Bangem council areas.
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First National Women Convention for peace in Cameroon organise be Friedrich Ebert

The first ever National women Convention organise be Friedrich Ebert.
Bringing together women of all regions in the ten region of Cameroon to discuss about peace and it’s end result was the peace declaration.
The workshop lasted for three day with more than 1000 women, some few men and dignities to discuss on the way forward to the return of peace since women bare the brunt of crises than anyone else.
With all the discussion several recommendation were reach at in the various panel Discussion which will be followed up for implementation.

WOMEN-CONVENTION-1Download pdf report here
Capacity building workshop in Kumba South West Region

Today, Chameg Kumba carried out commencement of training for the five selected youth start-up trainees in small business management, marketing and publicity skills at the Kumba 1 council area.#Chameg Kumba#Youth Training Project#Chameg Cameroon #Chameg Cares

Workshop on Second Chance Education (SCE) Program organized by UN WOMEN in partnership with MINPROFF for the Empowerment of vulnerable young women and women on the the 22-23/07/2021.

Background and intro.
1) SCE was launch since October 2018 in the far North
2) Target beneficiaries, IDP’S, refugees, women young women host communities from 15-25 years.
3) the project has impacted about 12000 men and women providing 2500 women and girls with professional trainings and start-up kits thereby enabling them to become autonomous.
4) SCE will be extended to NW and SW.

1) Identify, analyze and recommend Economic sectors where gainful employment opportunities exist for the identified women
2) identify barriers which prevent women and young women from accessing Economic and educational opportunities
3) map and engage with communities, young women and women to identify harmful norms, challenges and stigma.

women and young women from 15-25years

2021 Theme: “The road to a lasting peace: Leveraging the power of youth for  peace and security” | United Nations Peacekeeping
Yesterday, the 2021 International Day of U.N Peacekeepers was celebrated under the theme “The road to a lasting peace:Leveraging the power of youth for peace and security”.
CHAMEG Cameroon seizes this opportunity to remind all youths, fellow peace ambassadors, to leverage our power, not relent our efforts as we continue to advocate for peace, a conflict free world in general and Cameroon in particular!
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WASH(Water, Sanitation and Hygiene).